Friday, August 17, 2012

Coconut Ladoos

I am a big fan of easy and quick recipes which satisfy my sweet tooth instantly.This Recipe is one of them.
Easy, Tasty, Yummy Fail proof !! Gets done within no time.Just two ingredients.Found this recipe on the back of milkmaid can.Dry Coconut powder is always present in my Pantry so when i wanted to make some thing quick for the iftar today this was it. Make this guys and indulge!!

Makes about 30 Ladoos.
Milkmaid 1 can
Coconut Powder 4 cups
plus 1/4 cup to roll the ladoos.
Butter melted to grease palms.
1/4 cup chocolate chips (optional)

Method:In a Non stick pan mix coconut and milkmaid.Cook on a low flame for about 5 minutes or until mixture leaves sides.Switch off flame.Transfer mixture to dry plate.Cool.Grease palms with melted butter and make ladoos.Roll them in dry coconut powder and indulge..
This is th first time i am participating in on going blog event  Joy From Fasting To Feasting – V hosted by my dear friend Lubna karim of yummy foods

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  1. Wow...extremely awesome simple and sweet....I yet to try are rocking....allhumdulliah you are learning fast....

  2. ladoos look cute and delicious,thanks for sending it to my event and using the logo

    1. Thankyou Halal foodie,for the kind words and for including my entry.

  3. I have one of these recipes on my blog too but I make it with condensed milk. This are so simple but so delicious. Will give ur versio a try too.

  4. Milkmaid is condensed milk Humaira.Saw your version too...looks yum.Thanks for stooping by.